The Right to Die

A 16 year old teenager is appealing for the right to use alternative medicines and herbal therapies to treat his cancer. Based on all scientific evidence we have this is the equivalent of suicide. Of course I don’t think the world would be greatly harmed if those stupid enough to believe in these scientifically unproven theories committed suicide. The state took this kid away from his parents due to their negligence in medical treatment. But before you decide whether it is right or wrong take one hypothetical case. Replace alternative medicine with faith healing. How many of you liberals still support the right to choose your own pointless medicine instead of going with chemotherapy.

This case, however, demonstrates the tragedy that is the FDA. People who don’t want the pain of chemotherapy are not allowed to try safe but potentially useless drugs which have shown some effectiveness in animal studies. The only place to turn to is these quack medicines which fall outside the realm of the FDA’s regulation of effectiveness. So these people take completely and utterly useless medicines and in their death contribute nothing but another reason why traditional knowledge is not a good thing in medicine all the time. The people who take these experimental drugs may die but in their death they can help others who get the disease later. Other people may have a new drug to try or maybe they can go with the drug the person tried and maybe survived cancer because of. Suicide should be legal for these people but, couldn’t they, at the very least, contribute something to society with their deaths, if not their lives.

One Response to The Right to Die

  1. Rachel says:

    I think you’re missing a major point. This kid is already dying. He got chemotherapy once, and it didn’t work. Even a sane reasonable person might decide not to get additional chemotherapy for a few monthes of lousy life. Given he’s not taking chemotherapy, there’s really no harm in trying alternative medicine.

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