Gibson, Anti-semitism, Police Favoritism

People have decided that Gibson’s anti-semitic comments prove that the Passion of the Christ must be anti-semitic. The comments were pretty sick, but consider the general reaction after Woody Allen married his step-daughter. The thought was that we must separate his art from his rather disgusting personal life. Now I think that this idea is generally correct, and if before these comments “The Passion” wasn’t anti-semitic then afterwords it doesn’t change in character.

Another interesting thing is that what Mel Gibson said is pretty standard for Europe, except there they are sober enough to remember to say Israel or Zionists rather than ‘f-ing Jews’. Again the left-wing would applaud a statement like that made in a PC way by Woody Allen or some other actor.

The most disturbing thing about the case is that the police were almost able to cover this story up. There is no reason that non-undercover cops shouldn’t have a webcam on their uniform which uploads to the web on a 5-10 minute delay. The costs are none and the benefits are enormous. For example, do you think the Rodney King beating would have happened with the police knowing it would be immediately discovered. Wouldn’t it have been useful during the O.J. trial to know with certainty that Fuhrman hadn’t (or had) planted the evidence. We have the technology so why don’t we use it?

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