Eat your heart out Michael Savage.

August 31, 2006

Michael Savage is a radio host. Michael Savage isn’t sane. One of his favorite topics is how the marine from Hamdaniya were being prosecuted for doing their job too well. Now that just anal but what he means is that even if they killed the Iraqis it wasn’t so bad because they were from the Sunni Triangle. Now the odds that they are terrorist sympathizers is reasonably high, but that it isn’t a capital crime. Far more important is the damage the crime does, if it happened, to the U.S. efforts. Michael Savage put 2 and 2 together and got 5. He knew that they were accused by Iraqis and that they were arrested. Therefore he assumed that the military indicted them solely based on the accusations. When you combine this with Newsweek breaking the story and Murtha convicting the soldiers in his mind you get a crusade made for ratings gold.

Savage, who believes that we should bomb the entire Sunni Triangle out of existence after getting everyone out, (how moderate) routinely had on attorneys and parents of these soldiers on. Throughout the interviews he would never consider these people biased at all. Not only would he interrupt the guests observations with calls for the soldiers’ releases he would frequently call for the prosecuters to be fired and court-martialed.

Now we have information, although from an unrealiable source, that two of these have confessed. Now the defense for the others are claiming that the confessions were coerced, but the defendants claimed to have confessed aren’t denying it. This leads me to believe that they really are guilty.

O fcourse my disdain for Michael Savage could have something to do with my opinion also. Savage is a chameleon who is either crazy or a really good actor. His positions are the standard Buchananite ones for the domestic front and economics while he is a solid Pattonite in foreign affairs. His anger is what makes me suspect him of being a fraud so much. It doesn’t seem possible that one person can get so angry at illegals, Bush, liberals who attack Bush, gays, people who talk to him at restauraunts, and virtually every other group out there. Such a person would either be commited for high blood pressure or violent behavior.

Webloggin  takes Michael Savage’s position and attacks the media for reporting on the story. Now the media is irresponsibly reporting on this story as being part of a trend, but I think that it is important to know and have some level of public awareness for military abuses. Having no coverage would, in my opinion, be worse than biased coverage because we have to let the Iraqis know that we will fairly deal with any claims against them. Also the fact is that the military isn’t leaking allt he details of their case while the defense is. Given that the soldiers confessed leads me to believe that the military has reasonably convincing evidence even if they coerced the confessions. If you support the military at least show some confidence that it isn’t evil enough to fabricate a case on no evidence. They might be innocent but it’s looking less and less likely.

Terror in San Fransisco

August 30, 2006

Some nut ran down 14 people in San Francisco possibly as an act of terror. If this is terror it illustrates how helpless we are to stop terrorism through law enforcement and what the terrorists ultimate goal is. The terrorists started out going after people in malls and people stayed home. They started going after the airplanes and people stayed home. If we react to car terror by staying home then what’s left to do. See here you can’t racially profile, are you going to keep blacks and Arabs from getting cars? You can’t rely on surveillance because this attack needs no planning. So how can these attacks be stopped?

  1. People on the scene have to react quickly by getting the license plate and calling the police. This reaction can probably stop the casualty count at less than ten.
  2. Have armed civillians: Although this may cause more terrorist problems its the only way to stop a car from driving off after running somebody down.

No police force can stop this type of attack which makes it so dangerous. Yet to the media this isn’t important because people get run over naturally but liquid explosives of doubtful effectiveness are far more terroristic behavior. So the media stays reporting the latest polygamist to be killed while ignoring this type of attack. Car bombs may make better film but cars as weapons by themselves are far more dangerous. In fact this was only an SUV imagine if some truck driver decides to do the same thing. The casualties could be in the hundreds if it was planned properly. The fact is that in this war anything can be used for terrorism our job is to identify and catch these terrorists before they can kill.

Watching a Train Wreck…..

August 29, 2006

Is an experience comparable to following the primary race in Florida. The Republicans are going to ruin a decent chance to defeat Bill Nelson by nominating Katherine Harris a disastrous choice. First of all, consider her remarks about electing Christians. Now a wiser politician might have realized that they had said an incredibly stupid comment, but not good ole’ Katherine. In an interview with Medved she backed her statements and tried to defend them as having been spoken at a church. In a moment of tremendous stupidity she laughed when Medved said, “Our guest Katherine Harris is in a tough primary race.” Now, she may be right, but it isn’t good politics to mock your opponents chances. After being questioned about her statement on Christianity and politics and the Mitchell Wade story she tried to get the interview back onto the issues. It sounds reasonable until you find out that her definition of “the issues” is talking about JonBenet’s killer and about some polygamist who got arrested. Now usually the discussion of the issues isn’t a discussion of the latest media scandal. Katherine Harris also gets in some economic populism. Case: Insurance companies separate Florida from the rest of the country in their risk pools by setting up subsidiaries there. No problem right, wrong according to Harris. She finds the idea ridiculous and can’t understand how Nelson could have let this happen. Here’s hoping Harris loses the primary. If Daily Pundit is any indication it seems like the moderate wing of the Republicans is turning. Also it seems like the primary isn’t locked up.

Ever wonder how Pluto is feeling?

August 28, 2006

Well, Jonathan Coulton has the answer for you. This touching song is a love song from Charon to Pluto about how unfair it is that they did this.

Media “Insensitivity”

August 28, 2006

This may not be the biggest scandal but I’ve heard quite a bit about how terrible it was to do a skit with an airplane crash at the Emmys. Now I didn’t watch the Emmys but the attitude and the outrage seems so stupid to me. Far more than 50 people die in car accidents everyday yet they aren’t considered off-limits topics. Drugs are a topic for humor, but they kill far more than any airplane crash every day. I understand the public fear of a plane crash, but it seems a bit irrational to blame some other person to not scramble to remove any skit which will offend your irrational sensitivities. Now for something far worse take a look at Ward Studios (the makers of Rocky and Bulwinkle). They had an episode of Fractured Flickers full of Kennedy jokes. In one market it aired on November 23, 1963. That is a reason for outrage, not some skit which possibly offends you.

When will the media give up on the monster storms idea.

August 25, 2006

If you hadn’t checked the news since Katrina you’d have assumed that Florida would be underwater and Mickey would have drowned due to the tremendous amount of storms. Guess what, we don’t have many storms this year, and there have been no hurricanes. Now I wouldn’t be surprised for that to get no coverage, but it seems that every day there’s another story about how we’re due for a hurricane any minute now because of global warming. I think the media has got to learn that tropical storm formation is chaotic; you can’t predict the details longterm. Now this is one of the reasons global warming looks so bad when reported on by the media. These people claim that global warming will cause something. Then after the fact they’ll blame the result on global warming. Blizzard: global warming. Heat wave: global warming. Dolphins in Tuna fish: global warming. Because the media doesn’t report on their failures the impression is that global warming is everywhere and its here now. On the other hand the internet has google which keeps very good track of predictions.

If you need any more evidence of the media’s contempt for Bush consider this. They waited and ignored Nagin’s Bidenesque comments as long as he was needed for the role of ‘city official doing his best in tough times’ while Bush and Brown could be the ‘Federal dunces’. They let Nagin get away with his choclate city comment and his countless idiocies, but finally he’s expendable and when he made a remarkably stupid comment about rebuilding New Orleans he’s been dumped.

As an example of what I mean by global warming check out this story about the ice caps.

Maybe Stem Cell Research isn’t so controversial.

August 24, 2006

They seem to have discovered a way to get these cells without killing the embryo. In fact the process seems to be so similar to what is done already in genetic screening that its amazing that it hasn’t been done already. This may seem cynical, but I think that the scientists working on stem cell research wanted this controversy badly. It has almost no cost to them and has significant gains. First of all, these scientists get funding from liberal groups and states who ordinarily wouldn’t fund their medical research. Secondly, they get their names in the news and are universally praised by the people they care about. Finally they get to stick it to the pro-life crowd because on this issue they have the more sympathetic posititon. When you consider that the scientists who do research on this issue are selected against considering embryos a life it is obvious that they have no moral qualms about killing the embryos. But by now the situation has changed. They’ve got the money and the prestige and now they need the federal money. So some money is diverted to getting the stem cells without killing the embryo and voila it happens. It probably isn’t so simple as that, but it’s probably a close approximation.