Daily Roundup

Nothing really caught my eye for a full-scale piece so I decided to single out a few stories for short bouts of mockery or discussion.

  • Israel is clearly rooting for civilian casualties. I mean talk about a disproportionate response. Hezbollah sends rockets into Israel and Israel has a few minutes warning (no thanks to Hezbollah ) so when they send missiles they call the civilians in the building telling them to get out. It seems that this trades off lower terrorist death rates for fewer Qanas. The best quote in the article is, ‘ “I asked if he was joking, and he told me: `The Israeli Defense Forces don’t joke,”‘ Mamluke recalled.’
  • I thought Hollywood was against blackballing actors and directors. Supporting a Communist government is far worse than a semi-drunken rant is. Of course former fans who decide to not purchase Dixie Chicks CDs are toothless hillbillies with no apparent brains while Hollywood bigshots show principles in blackballing a director.
  • Peta apparently supports stem cell research even though it will kill animals. This goes against their general philosophy that animals are equal to humans (but better than human embryos) and should be rescued, tested, and castrated just like humans. Now I may just be an animal hater but from my understanding of evolution sterilizing an animal is equivalent to death in their mindset (as does the Darwin Awards). It seems like they are sacrificing the feral animals for human convenience.
  • Castro must be dead if he issues a press release rather than a 7 hour long speech to announce his good health.
  • Only the media could make this a man bites dog story.

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