How biased can the BBC get?

I happenned to see the BBC broadcast of the news tonight. Their discussion of Israel was striking for its one-sidedness. For example they sent a reporter to Tyre where he was talking to a person in a car after Israel had said they would fire on any car seen in the streets. The person ‘proved’ to the reporter that he wasn’t a terrorist because he wasn’t carrying a rocket launcher on his person. Also it was saying how even though Tyre wasn’t a Hizbullah stronghold it was bombed. Of course that’s true. Even non-strongholds have terrorists. Also they don’t show Haifa as a city shut down by terror because they aren’t the sympathetic ones. Of course, the fact that Israel warned them with leaflets was not considered a sign of civility or decency but a non-factor. Also they showed video provided by Israel of a building shooting off rockets but still blamed Israel for blowing up the building. If I want angry rants about Israel I’d prefer to get it from an angry Arab blogger than a biased BBC reporter.

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