Media “Insensitivity”

This may not be the biggest scandal but I’ve heard quite a bit about how terrible it was to do a skit with an airplane crash at the Emmys. Now I didn’t watch the Emmys but the attitude and the outrage seems so stupid to me. Far more than 50 people die in car accidents everyday yet they aren’t considered off-limits topics. Drugs are a topic for humor, but they kill far more than any airplane crash every day. I understand the public fear of a plane crash, but it seems a bit irrational to blame some other person to not scramble to remove any skit which will offend your irrational sensitivities. Now for something far worse take a look at Ward Studios (the makers of Rocky and Bulwinkle). They had an episode of Fractured Flickers full of Kennedy jokes. In one market it aired on November 23, 1963. That is a reason for outrage, not some skit which possibly offends you.

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