Terror in San Fransisco

Some nut ran down 14 people in San Francisco possibly as an act of terror. If this is terror it illustrates how helpless we are to stop terrorism through law enforcement and what the terrorists ultimate goal is. The terrorists started out going after people in malls and people stayed home. They started going after the airplanes and people stayed home. If we react to car terror by staying home then what’s left to do. See here you can’t racially profile, are you going to keep blacks and Arabs from getting cars? You can’t rely on surveillance because this attack needs no planning. So how can these attacks be stopped?

  1. People on the scene have to react quickly by getting the license plate and calling the police. This reaction can probably stop the casualty count at less than ten.
  2. Have armed civillians: Although this may cause more terrorist problems its the only way to stop a car from driving off after running somebody down.

No police force can stop this type of attack which makes it so dangerous. Yet to the media this isn’t important because people get run over naturally but liquid explosives of doubtful effectiveness are far more terroristic behavior. So the media stays reporting the latest polygamist to be killed while ignoring this type of attack. Car bombs may make better film but cars as weapons by themselves are far more dangerous. In fact this was only an SUV imagine if some truck driver decides to do the same thing. The casualties could be in the hundreds if it was planned properly. The fact is that in this war anything can be used for terrorism our job is to identify and catch these terrorists before they can kill.

2 Responses to Terror in San Fransisco

  1. Talia says:

    Mike-how does getting the license plate lower the casualty count?

  2. mike529 says:

    The police can track the car quicker. It isn’t that good but it helps.

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