The Pope.

It seems almost surreal. The Pope quotes an anti-Muslim sentiment attacking Muslem violence. Then the Muslems attack the Pope for his vicious screed against the religion of peace and threaten to kill him. It seems strange how far thery overreact and how quickly they urge violence. Its possible that it is a few extremists, but if Islam was equal to other religions you should see equal amounts of extremism and violence which you don’t. I have to reject poverty because of the fact that there is little religious violence by the African Christians. I suppose that it feeds on itself, but the source must come from somewhere and you are left with two possibilities. Either it is something inherent to Arabs which I doubt or something inherent to Islam which is far more likely. Perhaps though it is inherent to the redirected resentment. Whatever it is its clear. They are serious and when they threaten violence at some guy who cals Mohammed a pig they’re serious. The Pope may not have been right, but the Imams are doing their best to support his claim.

4 Responses to The Pope.

  1. Tobie says:

    My ulpan teacher’s response to the whole mess “The leaders of different religions should try talking to each other more. Then we would have a shot at peace.”


    Like, not exaggerating or misportraying. Of course, I protested this (Those that want to talk, don’t kill. Those that kill don’t want to talk). My classmates think I’m somewhere between adorable and insane.

  2. Shmuli says:

    Since when is killing somebody because you like the effect of his blood on the snow adorable?

  3. mike529 says:

    Tobie obviously you don’t have a teacher who’s a real Sabra.
    Shmuli I have no idea of what you’re talking about. Unless you mean that

  4. Tobie says:

    Then I guess that’s one for the insane half.

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