George Allen’s Self-Destruction.

George Allen isn’t the stupidest Senator, he isn’t even the most racist. But he seems to have a knack for saying things which are borderline bigoted. After the macaca bizarrity (what kind of racist attacks an Indian with a slur against Arabs used by some North Africans such as Tunisians). Then like sharks drawn to water the reporters have come to attack. Apparently Allen may have a Jewish grandfather. His response was picture perfect asking the reporter why it mattered and that the election should be decided on the issues. But then he decided to make it ambiguous if he was anti-semitic by calling on the reporter to stop throwing around aspersions. I’m not sure why he used that word. It seems so, I believe the word is, stupid. He seems to just throw out a stupid comment once in a while. The macaca statement cost him a shot at the Presidency, but now he’s just giving the Democrats a great chance at a seat they have no buisness being close to. Allen seems to have decent positions, but an unfortunate tendency to try for that last clever line. It seems so odd as to why he would mention macaca or the aspersions. Did he want to say some anti-Indian comment, but some defective sixth sense made him say macaca. In fact saying some racial slur would probably cost him less than his confusing statement.

Why the question mattered is irrelevant by now. The real question is what was he thinking, and when was he thinking it? The reporter is saved from looking like a goat and now looks like a hero. As to the damage caused by this I looked at TradeSports. It seems that each mistake cost Allen about a 10% chance of winning which is fairly substantial. It seems that all Webb has to do to win is to shut up and wait for Allen to shoot himself in the foot again and again.

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