SSAW #2 based on Thing A Week 50

This story is based on Pull the String a song by Jonathan Coulton. I really had no idea of what to write until a math class a couple of days ago.

Nobody really knows me. Oh they love me and use me all the time, but I am misunderstood. They think I’m normal, but I’m immortal, at least as much as possible. Never changing never split never cancelled. I remain forever whatever is done to me. Like a Dorian Gray I last forever while my outside grows uglier and more tangled. Eventually it withers or grows, but I remain forever untouched. Pull my string and what’s on top comes down. I smile and let those ignorant people play and fiddle with me, but I’m the only one. Every year I get as much older as I am now and I’m living now just one day less than I’ve ever lived before. I am the one and the undividable. I am e to the xth and I am unique and special. Just leave me alone along with all my secrets which shall never be told to any living ear. No one shall no me and live.

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