Sorry for the delay.

I left America 2 weeks ago to a political scene that looked decent for the Republicans. I came back to a Mark Foley sex scandal which was endlessly covered, even more than the Amish school shooting. This along with Bob Ney resigning for something far worse than what Foley did almost guarantees Democratic control of at least one house in 06. It seems that Reid’s scandal is largely ignored because it is complicated and Democratic. In fact it is somewhat disturbing how the media portrays the Foley scandal. The first reaction was, how hypocritical, this person fights against predators but is one himself. In fact the page was not a child and was not forced or anything. In fact Foley isn’t even married. This is only a scandal because Foley was a Republican. As a Democrat he could come out of the closet and be cheered, but the media closed that option to him early on. I can see no reason why he should have been made the object of a huge scandal more than any adulterer in Congress a category which could likely make up the majority party. It is so hypocritical by the sensitive Democrats and it is exactly their style. Want some anti-gay rhetoric just mention how compassionate and sensitive you are to your gay opponent’s relative or something. Foley is not a far-right religous conservative and likely could have survived, but he resigned from the pressure he knew would come. Harry Reid on the other hand seems to be off free on a land-deal which at the very least involved defrauding  Congress about his  ownership and possibly collecting 1.1 million dollars for helping his buddy.

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