Just a little link.

Jonathan Coulton recently completed a year of one song a week. To commemerate somebody far more clever than me put together a tribute song which I will now link to. The song is to the tune of one of the TAWs and is sometimes forced but is extremely enjoyable.

One Response to Just a little link.

  1. Thanks for the plug and the awfully nice things you say about my work. (I think “sometimes forced” is a very apt description.)
    You give me far more credit for cleverness than I merit. (I work too hard at trying to be clever to actually succeed, I think.) But I appreciate the sentiment all the same. 🙂
    I think SSAW is a great concept, by the way, and I’d love to see you continue them by revisiting past Things, much as Len’s doing with the Visual TAWs. (If you do continue, and I hope you’ll pardon the impertinence of my suggestion, you might want to divide your longer paragraphs into more and shorter paragraphs — I’ve noticed that long chunks of text, even when they read fine on the printed page, are difficult to parse on the screen.)
    Thanks again for reading / listening to “The Things.” It totally thrills me to know you enjoyed it.

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