Kerry’s Kerfuffle

    I tried posting this earlier but the post got erased so I’ll retype it.

A few days ago, as you all know, Kerry said an incredibly stupid thing about the troops. The basic gist seemed to be that if you don’t try hard in school you’ll end up in Iraq. If this was what he meant it would be horrible and false.

Kerry first said that he would apologize to nobody for messing up a Bush joke (If you don’t get educated you lead us into Iraq. Hah Hah Hah) then showed himself to be a liar by later apologizing for anybody who misunderstood the joke.

I personally think that he meant it as a Bush joke because it fits the Kerry mindset. Attacking Bush makes sense attacking the troops doesn’t. Also I think the whole Freudian slip theory is completely bogus and not even worthy of consideration (along with the rest of psychoanalysis).

On the other hand it really annoys me that Kerry decided to go the offensive after this. You messed up and did it in a bigger way than choking on a pretzel. Be a man, apologize, explain and wait a bit before lashing out at the nearest person.

The second half of the story which disturbs me is the conservative reaction. Sure outrage is understandable and a valid response. However the whole idea of the troops feel insulted so therefore it must be meant as an insult is an insult to intelligence. What troops think he meant is of no relevance to what he actually meant. This is an affliction which even spreads to the Hugh Hewitt show which is usually quite moderate. The tactic is frequently used by liberals when the soldier agrees with them. Of course, when he disagrees he’s just an uneducated naive jock, but of course they support him and his pointless, evil mission. Kerry is wrong to say that the military is made up of the illiterate idiots, but it isn’t a place which has any unique insight into policy issues.

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