Bless You Charlie (Rangel)

Apparently the Democrats have decided that with election easily in hand they could let up their guard and directly insult the troops. No John Kerry type “joke” which could be referring to the President. Charlie Rangel said straight out that the troops were only there because they had no other career options and that no amount of money incentives will make somebody go to Iraq. I don’t know which is more shocking, his complete ignorance of statistics about the military or his complete ignorance of Economics 101. I can think of nobody who thinks that people don’t respond to incentives and that people won’t put themselves in danger for money. Furthermore if Rangel thinks that paying an extra $20,000 for troops to volunteer to go to Iraq won’t work why does he think troops won’t run off to Canada for an implicit cost of around $20,000.

Of course I can’t stress enough how stupid Rangel’s draft proposal is. The cost would be in the trillions per year once you factor in the oppurtunity costs. Furthermore, instead of reducing America’s military will it would redirect to UN type actions where nobody gets hurt and nothing gets done. In addition I find it hard to see how a draft during peacetime is constitutional despite what the Court has said.

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