Prager and the Bible

Why do all Jews on talkradio love to pretend that they’re evangelicals. Keith Ellison who has many disturbing links to terror apologists has said that he wants to take the oath on a Koran. There is no law requiring the oath to be taken on the Bible and any law requiring that would be deemed unconstitutional as a religious test. So Prager says that this oath goes against our country’s traditions. Of course it doeas but so does electing a non-Christian. In facgt Prager’s definition of a religious test: That only members of a certain religion may be elected, would allow a law requiring Congressmen to read a statement acknowledging that there is a G-d. Besides his argument assumes that there is no problem with with swearing on the Christian Bible. In fact according to most Jewish authorities Christianity is idol worship for a Jew and swearing on the New Testament is forbidden. I don’t know Islamic law, but I would guess that it is similar to Jewish law in this respect. Prager has made a mountain out of nothing and deserves all the ridicule he’s been getting about this.

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