Saddam Hussein’s Execution.

I’m glad that Hussein is dead. He was a terrible person and deserved to die. His death wasn’t earth shattering and won’t make a difference in Iraq. However, on Youtube there has surfaced a video of Saddam’s execution. The full version with none of the cuts. I didn’t watch it for the same reason I never watched the beheading videos, I have no reason to watch somebody die.
The similarities between the two videos are striking. Both are exultations over the death of an enemy, and both are an extremely graphic protrayal of the death. They are basically the same thing with the only difference being the quality of the person killed.
The videos of the beheadings aren’t evil and the killing isn’t evil it is the reason for the killing. A video of the execution of a weeping praying man being watched by millions is an unhealthy sign whether the person killed is a murderer praying to Allah, or a construction worker praying to Jesus. The difference is, of course, that one of them deserved to die and the other didn’t.


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