I wasn’t planning to post but,

I just heard the most outrageous statement on Hugh Hewitt’s show. He was interviewing Jim Demint and he asked him about his endorsement of Romney so early. After some standard Q&A Hugh asked Demint about Romney’s stance on life issues which have changed since he decided to run for President. Demint’s answer showed an amazing lack of shame. His answer was that Romney engaged in a scientific study of when life begins and decided that life begins at conception. Not content with this bit of cheek, Demint continued by mentioning how it shows great character by Romney to be able to look at the science and change his mind.

I still like Romney, but it makes me sick to hear his supporters try and avoid the fact that he changed his opinion on certain issues for political gain. This isn’t unique, but I just wish that his supporters would have a bit more honesty. If they would just say he changed his mind ‘d be happy, but to say that he changed his mind based on a careful look of the science is too much spin for me to accept.

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