What will those crazy Rabbis do next.

You may have read Tobies last two posts. They are related in afundamental way. Both are groups who deny themselves the power to make law and instead claim to interpret the law. Of course, their denial of power doesn’t last long when they want something. Their decisions are tortured logically unless you read them as new law being made.

Take the education decision for example. Its not clear what the problem is from the ruling. If the problem is women going for these higher level jobs than why are current teachers grandfathered in. If the problem is the classes than why is the reaction to ban them, instead of adjusting them to be more tzniut. When you read these as Rabbinic Laws or other legislative actions then they make sense, women shouldn’t be getting the jobs, but to make it acceptable to those with a job they allow them to maintain their current jobs.

There is a proud tradition in Judaism of Rabbinic law. In fact without it it is extremely hard to imagine what Judaism would be. However, the rabbis today deny that they have that power, claiming that they are unworthy of doing this. So they have to claim to interpret the Torah instead of making new law. For things not referred to in the Torah at all the power to regulate them must be provided somewhere. Thus daas Torah is born. A Rabbinic law can be challenged on logical ground and possibly it will be reversed. Daas Torah is immune to logic since it is beyond logic. It says that you can’t question my reasoning because any reasoning I give is beyond you.

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