I’m really surprised that anyone is defending Barbra Boxer here

I really didn’t notice the story about Boxer and Condoleeza Rice. I heard something on talk radio, but it was in the backround and so it passed me by. Then I noticed this article in the San Francisco Chronicle. Amazingly it described Boxer as speaking truth to power and that the right-wing conspiracy was after her for criticizing the war. I guess that this argument is a direct extension of the chickenhawk argument one with equally small validity. Do the Democrats really think that only people directly involved can make decisions because if that’s the case then you can forget democracy. The other possibility is that Boxer tried to use Rice’s unmarried status like Kerry tried to use Mary Cheney. It is entirely possible that she thinks that the fundamentalist evangelicals will suddenly turn against the war when they realize that Rice is not a married woman. Or she could have just said something stupid because she wanted to get her face on TV. Everything is possible except for Boxer having spoken trurth to power.

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