The State of the Union

I had planned a full live commentary on the President’s speech, but my keyboard gave out, Anyway here’s what I had down until then.

8:12- The speech starts with some little pap about there being a female speaker of the house. Side Point- the portrayal of Nancy Pelosi in the pre-speech was as a soccer mom who came to Washington. Then about a minute in you find out that she is the daughter of a house member and from a big family

8:18- Bush’s first “real” proposal, balancing the budget, he seems to be coming pretty clearly on the side of Porkbuster’s with proposals that seem to go much farther than either bill.

8:20- Bush starts on the big third rail, entitlements, but he leaves it extremely vague, enough so to get solid applause.

8:21- Vouchers come out early, but nothing is going to happen with that. Aside from that he mentions some basic reforms suggested all the time but neverr acted upon. Also he wants NCLB reauthorized.

8:23- The first reform seems decent enough, 15,000 a year tax deduction for a family of four.
The second reform also seems good with money to states who are trying new tactics because through variety we suceed.
The medical law care reform seems like it could be a good idea if done properly. However, I doubt that any law would feature these two key concepts. 1. Pain and suffering should be limited at a level less than 100k 2. Punitive damages are a stupid concept by malpractice because there is no edge to bad care.

8:26- Immingration reform: Nothing new here just the same old shpiel which will be ignored by everyone except those who agree.

8:28- His energy proposals are the same as last years, with the same slavering support of ethanol and he ends with a goal that will be either met or unmet regardless of how Congress acts.


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