This argument really annoys me.

    Whenever someone wants to make a really clever point about illegal immigration they invariably bring up the fact that  Mexico closes its border to illegals from the south. The main reaction is, so what. Mexico is  a terribly  run country, In fact there is a good argument that on any controversial economic issue the best solution is to do the exact opposite of whatever Mexico does. Mexico could improve its economy by letting in more immigrants although not that much. Besides what do the two things have to do with each other. Either strictly enforcing our immigration laws is a good thing or its a bad thing. It makes no difference what Mexico does.

In unrelated news Michael Savage doesn’t see the contradiction in saying that Ford and GM are run terribly and the statement that the federal government should slap on huge tariffs on Toyotas and other foreign cars. To make his point he brought up the electronics industry. Unfortunately he chose to bring up one of the great sucess stories of free trade. We have cheap and high quality electronics now and no need to produce it ourselves. Where’s the problem?

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