Orwell Lives

You may have heard about the Huffington Post’s thread
about the attempt on Cheney’s life. They originally had a huge discussion thread which was closed  with most of the comments deleted. Interestingly it took three hours to delete the comments, and they left in all the comments which didn’t bemoan the failure of the attempt. It says something about the commenters that over three hours only twelve comments were non-inflammatory enough to leave in. By contrast a story about Feingold attacking the Democrat’s Iraq plan ( a smaller story) got three pages of comments. An example of a non-inflammatory comment was.

I wonder if Cheney had the courage to actually go and look at the carnage that resulted from the blast? Chances are he claimed he was too important to be put at risk and had someone else go make a report for him. No doubt also asking that person to find evidence of Iranian involvement.
That of course would prove yet again that he is just a coward who, while more than willing to risk the lives of others, has no intention of ever risking his own.
By: rabidrightrebel on February 27, 2007 at 09:04am

They may not have shame about what their commenters say, but apparently they cared once they caught a bit of flack for it.

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