A primer on ad hominem

A couple of days ago I was driving in my car back from school when I switched on the radio. It was Michael Savage who I can usually stand for 5 minuted top. He didn’t disappoint as he launched into a tirade against Ritalin as an unnecessary drug. Now I know at least one person who could definitely not function without Ritalin, yet is a star student. It probably is over prescribed, but that is mainly because you get extra time on the SATs if you need it. However, he was responding to a study about  what amount of  ADD there was  in the third world. Now Savage dislikes these pills because he has his own set of cures, for example did you know that Vitamin C cures AIDS? However, to call these researchers, and I paraphrase only slightly, “those perverts, those child lovers from  Berkeley,” seems a bit beyond the pale. What is most interesting is that Michael Savage has done this thing so often that he is immune to scandal. Savage has reached a level of offensiveness that Ann Coulter and others can never hope to achieve.

One Response to A primer on ad hominem

  1. Rachel says:

    Isn’t Ritalin just a stronger version of coffee (and with less side-effects). It’s not exactly mysterious how either drug helps people concentrate, and do better in school.

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