Israel’s future

This post stems from a conversation I had with a very tzioni friend (not in a crazy way, but he very strongly believes that Medinat Yisrael is the beginning of the time of the Messiah). Anywaym I was saying that anybody who says hallel with a brachah on Yom Haatzmaut has no justification for saying hallel on Tuesday rather than on Monday. Anyway from there it got in to a discussion of Israeli politics where he said that he would vote for Likud if he could rather than NRP. Anyway this post is trying to carry on this topic.

My friend thought that Israel would become majority religious within twenty years. Now I’m skeptical because that relies on present emigration trends continuing and I think the emigration will probably slow down. Then the discussion turned to what would happen if the religious made up a majority in the country. I have to say that I think even with a religious majority NRP could never really make much headway. Furthermore, even if the trends continue NRP or whatever new name it takes on will cripple the Religious Zionist effect on politics. NRP is a party which relies on idealism for its fuel. Its members, for better or for worse, don’t think in political terms, they think in black and white idealogical terms. So they are terrible coalition partners, on the other hand the Hareidi vote which is almost the opposite makes for wonderful coalition partners (unless you’re Bibi).  I think the NRP will do to Religious Zionism what the Libertarian Party did to classical liberalism, turn it into a cheap joke. Libertarian moderates in America have never recovered from the Libertarian Party’s stupidities and NRP will do the same.  Likud will become more religious just like the Republicans became more free-market, but the impact of NRP’s ideas, which in many respects I admire, will be diluted and ignored as their votes are marginalized.

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