Another Earth

We’ve found a planet which fits Earth’s profile afte finding 200 or so which have been Jupiter planets at Mercury distances. In fact that is pretty much all we can usually detect is massive planets close to a star. This means that odds are there are hundreds of thousands of Earth like planets within a 100 light years. The other thing this means is that our space efforts should be focused on getting ships up to relativistic speeds so that we can find out what is going on in that planet. The other thing this planet’s discovery implies is that the chances of a planet being able to support life are far better than some people have supposed. It also means that alien life is all he more likely.

2 Responses to Another Earth

  1. Rachel says:

    There are really two possibilities:

    1)Earth is the only place with life (or at least intelligent life) because God decided to make it that way.
    2)There are plenty of other planets with intelligent life.

    If 2) is true then we should have plenty of aliens visiting us. They would only need to be a millenium or so ahead to be coming. We clearly don’t have aliens visiting us – so the only conclusion is that God must have specially selected Earth. In that case what’s the point of visiting another planet.

  2. mike529 says:

    Rachel, lets suppose that aliens are economically rational. Let us further suppose that they can detect Earth, but not know if it has life. The cost of visiting Earth is so prohibitive and contact is so useless as to make it not viable. Really the best possibility is that all the reasonably close aliens don’t care. Furthermore our signals are not detectable from more than 30 or 50 light years. Earth from space would look like a slowly rotating pulsar, not an inhabited planet.

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