Mormons are people too

Do you remember the outcry when Dennis Prager said that for the sake of tradition Keith Ellison should have to take an oath on a Bible. This dumb, but relatively inoffensive, statement got him on serious hot water. However Al Sharpton speaking in a debate with Hitchens says that, “us people of G-d will work to defeat Romney”, when you throw in the casual slurs against Mormonism mentioned daily you realize that they are only in trouble because they claim to be Christians. Can you imagine the sort of outcry if anybody said, “We must defeat this Hindu candidate because he doesn’t believe in G-d” (In fact if the average Christian believes in one god the average Hindu believes in G-d much more than him by a factor of 10,000 or so.) Now imagine that people started mocking Hindu’s for their cow loving and for having priests who set themselves on fire. Would the media take their side? Would they have articles talking about how wierd the religion is? No, they would talk about acceptance and letting people maintain their beliefs.

So let’s remember that however dubious Mormonism is it is not a cult, it is not a devillish plot, and it is not a danger to our country.

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