The Natural Family

Michael Medved had on one of the authors of The Natural Family. That author made clear that he felt  that it was vitally important for  children to be raised with their natual biological parents and that any non-nuclear family does irreparable harm to the child. There are a few problems with this. The first is that this supposed natural family has never existed in history. Even in the past when children weren’t born out of wedlock as frequently (or at least it wasn’t known about, which might be equivalent) you still had a large percentage of children who were raised by a stepmother and not their natural parents. So to claim that our nuclear family is natural is far-fetched given history. (I mean is there any reason to believe that in primitive societies father’s contributed anything towards raising their children aside from protection and food) The other problem is that if he is right you would expect there to be a Golden Age in America approximately 20 years after the families were all so wonderful. In fact the 1970s are considered one of the bad decades yet these children were raised in the glory filled 50s. The children of the 50s were born in 20s and 30s families which lacked the moral fiber and the strong father figure. So in other words until there is some extremely strong evidence I think a natural family is pretty worthless.

One Response to The Natural Family

  1. Raatchel says:

    I though everybody agreed stepmothers were very very bad (read any fairy tale). Stepfathers have a pretty bad rap too, but women tended to tell bedtime stories, so they didn’t want to focus on that part (go for the I’m indespensible part).
    On the other hand, it’ve very Western centric to say that the traditional family is a mother and father married. There are plenty of societies where mothers do virtually all of the childcare, and are mostly free sexually. This pattern works much better in high disease areas (because the healthiest male sires all the children)

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