Studies like these make me angry

The LA Times has a story about the stress of going to war on the remaining spouse and showed that it led to a 60% increase in child neglect or abuse. Taking these numbers as a given, since I haven’t seen the study it seems pretty clear that the effect is simply what happens when you go from two parents to one parent in a household. Now the article mentions nothing about a control group used, but it sounds like some of the same old Gulf-War syndrome nonsense.

2 Responses to Studies like these make me angry

  1. Tobie says:

    The control group was those same families while the other spouse was at home.

  2. mike529 says:

    Yes, but the point is that probably one parent families have more abuse and neglect than two parent families. The proper control would have been military families where the husband or wife was away for an unrelated reason.

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