Should Florida defy the DNC?

About 20 minutes ago I saw a fascinating story about the DNC’s punishment of Florida for moving its primary up to January 29th against the DNC’s policy. Basically Florida can either move back its primary or forfeit its delegates. Now I completely understand the DNC’s position and feel that it is probably the only logical response to such a step, but if you are Florida you probably are still better off giving up the delegates and making yourself a tremendous force in the primaries. As it is Florida is irrelevant because by the time it gets there one candidate is obviously going to be the nominee. In fact if Florida keeps its position it would probably cement its place at the front because the DNC would have to put stiffer penalties on other states to keep them from line jumping. Of course Florida is probably the state whjich should logically start becasue it represents some key Democratic demographics, but in politics what makes sense is irrelevant.

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