Dinosaurs on Asteroid “We’re fine, no worries mate.”

July 21, 2006

CBS has an article about a poll on bloggers. It finds that only 3.85 million of the 11 million consider their blogs journalism multiply that by the 16% on news and politics and the 16% who spend a lot of time on their blogs and you have about 37,000 journalists and analysts on politics. This number is probably an underestimate because it assumes that they are independent probabilities. However, those who consider blogs journalism probably are more into politics than others and probably spend a lot of time on their blogs. To sum up that survey with “Blogs not replacing journalism yet” ignores that the 57 million daily readers equals a number about 3 times as much as the number of people who watch any of the many network newses including cable. But blogging does have a long way to go before it can replace the journalistic arrogance and condescension.