Living Wages?

September 11, 2006

Chicago recently decided to pass a bill which would apply to all companies based in Arkansas which owned big retail stores in Chicago. Of course it wasn’t phrased that way, but it was pretty close to it. The bill required wages of around 11 dollars an hour for all workers. I’m sure passing it made these city councilmen feel good about themselves. They don’t live where those unemployed by this law come from. They aren’t forced to buy groceries from the overpriced liquor stores for their groceries. So for a cheap price to themselves they made themselves feel good. Fortunately Daley had the guts to actually veto this bill and show that he cares about Chicago. Yes, Daley wasted billions on Millenium Park, but at least he doesn’t hurt Chicago maliciously. Now I can understand why Walmart is hated so much by the liberals. Why exactly is Target not hated. Could it be that Target acts ashamed of being a big, cheap retailer. Or is it that Walmart is from the hicks and is easy to mock as for rednecks who aren’t our type of people. Either way it is unthinkable in other fields of buisness. Who hates Exxon  but loves BP? Who loves McDonalds but hates Burger  King?