When will the media give up on the monster storms idea.

August 25, 2006

If you hadn’t checked the news since Katrina you’d have assumed that Florida would be underwater and Mickey would have drowned due to the tremendous amount of storms. Guess what, we don’t have many storms this year, and there have been no hurricanes. Now I wouldn’t be surprised for that to get no coverage, but it seems that every day there’s another story about how we’re due for a hurricane any minute now because of global warming. I think the media has got to learn that tropical storm formation is chaotic; you can’t predict the details longterm. Now this is one of the reasons global warming looks so bad when reported on by the media. These people claim that global warming will cause something. Then after the fact they’ll blame the result on global warming. Blizzard: global warming. Heat wave: global warming. Dolphins in Tuna fish: global warming. Because the media doesn’t report on their failures the impression is that global warming is everywhere and its here now. On the other hand the internet has google which keeps very good track of predictions.

If you need any more evidence of the media’s contempt for Bush consider this. They waited and ignored Nagin’s Bidenesque comments as long as he was needed for the role of ‘city official doing his best in tough times’ while Bush and Brown could be the ‘Federal dunces’. They let Nagin get away with his choclate city comment and his countless idiocies, but finally he’s expendable and when he made a remarkably stupid comment about rebuilding New Orleans he’s been dumped.

As an example of what I mean by global warming check out this story about the ice caps.