Watching a Train Wreck…..

August 29, 2006

Is an experience comparable to following the primary race in Florida. The Republicans are going to ruin a decent chance to defeat Bill Nelson by nominating Katherine Harris a disastrous choice. First of all, consider her remarks about electing Christians. Now a wiser politician might have realized that they had said an incredibly stupid comment, but not good ole’ Katherine. In an interview with Medved she backed her statements and tried to defend them as having been spoken at a church. In a moment of tremendous stupidity she laughed when Medved said, “Our guest Katherine Harris is in a tough primary race.” Now, she may be right, but it isn’t good politics to mock your opponents chances. After being questioned about her statement on Christianity and politics and the Mitchell Wade story she tried to get the interview back onto the issues. It sounds reasonable until you find out that her definition of “the issues” is talking about JonBenet’s killer and about some polygamist who got arrested. Now usually the discussion of the issues isn’t a discussion of the latest media scandal. Katherine Harris also gets in some economic populism. Case: Insurance companies separate Florida from the rest of the country in their risk pools by setting up subsidiaries there. No problem right, wrong according to Harris. She finds the idea ridiculous and can’t understand how Nelson could have let this happen. Here’s hoping Harris loses the primary. If Daily Pundit is any indication it seems like the moderate wing of the Republicans is turning. Also it seems like the primary isn’t locked up.