Much ado about nothing.

October 18, 2006

This is a rather old story, but the coveage is deeply disturbing. Some Muslim cab driers don’t want to drive passengers ith alchohol. Alright then they losee the money, possibly their jobs, but they get to keep to their moral principles. Cab drivers are private and should have the right to decide who to take. Why is it fair to force somebody to take somebody as a fare, but unfair to force someone to take a certain cab for example, making a Muslim agree to ride a cab with a pork eating Arab driving. It seems simple to me that they have the right to decide against taking a fare. If you listen to talk radio however, this is the beginning of Shaaria law in America. This is the ultimate example of the First Amendment. There is no law forcing somebody to do something against his eligion. Cab drivers aren’t serving a pulic safety and they have no monopoly. This is the dark side of the internet. The most minor things can be revealed and endlessl discussed. This isn’t the end of the world or the end of civilization, this is a few cabbies who made an hones decision about how they balance mon