The Best Reason to Doubt Global Warming

August 6, 2006

Pat Robertson believes in it. The reason he gave was the heat wave on the East Coast. It’s easy to dismiss him as a psuedo right-wing nut (which he is) but his mistake isn’t unique. In fact what he says from stuidipity enviromentalists say in a cold plan to raise money. Conservatives are guilty of this too arguing against global warming and offering as proof cold days in the summer or winter.

Scientifically global warming makes little sense to me because of chaos. There are cooling factors which we don’t have a handle on and the models are inaccurate enough to make their long term projections doubtful. Of course, the major problem is that even if there is global warming the cure may not be worth it. Kyoto has a costs in the trillions, just to shift the temperature curve one year.

Unfortunately the people hurt by ?global warming will be poor, but so will the people harmed by the enviromental plans. Why is avoiding a 1 degree celsius increase over 100 years worth keeping a continent in poverty and leading to immeasurable deaths? This is one reason why it annoys me when people crusade against child labor in sweatshops. These children have the choice of working in sweatshops or starving. Because your conscience is bothered by their visible suffering in a Nike factory you seek to condemn them to suffer the invisible suffering of starvation.