Why not to trust the media.

August 21, 2006

I had not known about the Jon-Benet killing until they found the alleged killer but knowing the background really makes me angry about the media’s double-standard. When it comes to terrorists in Gitmo they are extremely careful about making false accusations but when it came to this 6 year old they were very quick to assume the parents were responsible. This fault doesn’t fall only on the media but it does reflect on their desire to accept evidence which would make a good story. The media holy grail of DNA didn’t implicate the parents or anyone in the family but that wasn’t a major problem for the media because it doesn’t make a good story for a random killer to kill a little girl. The best murder stories always involve some family member and not some other figure. Of course, this isn’t the only way that the media exaggerates and distorts. Take Katrina, the media felt that the story of a lawless city even in the Superdome would sell. So with their help of city officials looking for attention they made it their major story. Babies raped in the Superdome, snipers shooting at helicopters, roving gangs of gunmen who have control of the city, how could this be happening? Of course, once you have this juicy piece of scandalous ratings gold you can’t let it fade. So the analysis division of the news is called in. They are happy to turn this into a scandal of a failure of government. Given their general liberal trend they of course want Bush to be to blame. So the general story is now why didn’t Bush send in FEMA to stop these atrocities. Remember the scandal is remembered but the fact that these atrocities didn’t happening is left for the back pages of a newspaper and the internet a month or so later. The only time that they get caught is when they lie about things which can be rebutted quickly such as the Rather memos. It is said that media doesn’t have a political slant so much as a sensationalist slant. I would say that that’s mostly true, but when they have to choose to blame for the scandal they follow their political biases. With Fox this manifests itself in blame of the Clinton’s for everything while with the Big 3 it manifests itself in a pathological hatred of Bush. The annoying part the whole thing is that the media has many real and dangerous consequences. Don’t you think that Israel would have made better terms in their ceasefire if there hadn’t been all of those staged photographs. The Ramsey’s had lost their daughter and now because of a scandal seeking media they spent the rest of their lives as pariahs assumed to be murderers and pedophiles. Of course, they aren’t totally blameless. It is a special type of pathology which makes you have your daughter spend the first 6 or 7 years of her life contesting the right to be considered the most beautiful girl and be the #1 target for pedophiles. It isn’t criminal, but it is something which doesn’t put you in the best light as a parent. Another real problem is that the media has such willing accomplices in the police department and among local government. Every official wants their fifteen minutes and will be happy to agree present the sensationalist side especially because of the possible career advancement possibilities. Suppose you get a conviction in a high profile case, your star will rise. Now if you don’t get the conviction nothing happens to you and by the time the person is found to be innocent you are safe from the consequences.